Research projects

    Finished research projects

    • PlasmaGreen
      Dr. S. Dahle | BMWi (Reference number: 03EFHNI056)
      Researchers: Dr. S. Dahle, S. van Cayzeele, M. Unseld, H. Nietzel, M. Olschewski
      Funding period: 11/2016 – 10/2018

    • Homogeneous coating of aerosol nanoparticles in a cold plasma at atmospheric pressure
      Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs, Prof. Dr. A. Weber (IMVT) | DFG (Reference number: MA 1893/23-1 & WE 2331/18-1)
      Researchers: Dr. Sebastian Dahle, M.Sc. Lisa Wurlitzer, M.Sc. Patrick Post
      Funding period: 07/2014 - 06/2018

    • SOFC-Degradation: Analysis of the causes and development of countermeasures
      Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christos Argirusis, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Maus-Friedrichs | BMBF (Reference number: ENMAT-514-056)
      Researcher: M.Sc. John Meuthen
      Funding period: 09/2014 – 12/2017

    • Mechanism based strategies to avoid deposits in polymer processing machines and tools
      Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs, Prof. Dr. Matthias Rehahn (Fraunhofer LBF, Darmstadt),  Prof. Dr.-Ing. Mathias Oechsner (MPA-IFW TU Darmstadt) | AiF (Reference number: 18561 N)
      Researcher: Dr. rer. nat. René Gustus, B.Sc. Maria Sonnenberg
      Funding period: 01/2015 - 12/2016

    • Plasma based process for reducing emissions of ship diesel engines
      Dr. S. Dahle, Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs | Alfred Kärcher-Förderstiftung
      Researcher: M.Sc. Lisa Wurlitzer
      Funding period: 01/2015 - 12/2015
    • Causes and mechanisms of deposit formation and adhesion of plastic melts on steel surfaces
      Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs, Dr. F. Voigts | BMWi via AiF (Reference number: IGF 403ZN/2)
      Funding period: 01/2012 - 12/2013

    • Fundamental studies on the effect of plasma on artificial cutaneous lipid systems
      Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs | DFG (Reference number: Ma 1893/20)
      Funding period: 10/2011 - 09/2013

    • Fundamental studies on the interaction of metals (Ag, Ti) with wood surfaces
      Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs, Prof. Dr. W. Viöl | DFG (Reference number: 1893/18)
      Funding period: 10/2010 - 10/2013

    • Lower Saxony innovation network plasma technology
      Prof. Dr. W. Viöl, Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs | EFRE (Reference number: W2-80029388)
      Funding period: 7/2011 - 12/2012

    • Influence of gaseous impurities on the reduction of oxygen on strontium titanate
      Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs | DFG (Reference number: Ma 1893/9)
      Funding period: 10/2008 - 03/2010

    • Modifications of wood surfaces by plasma treatment
      Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs | DFG (Reference number: Ma 1893/8)
      Funding period: 05/2005 - 06/2009

    • Plasma cleaning of surfaces combined with laser ablation and modification
      Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs | BMWi im Programm InnoNet (Reference number: PROKLAMO)
      Funding period: 07/2007 - 06/2010

    • Coatings for cyclic and chemically highly stressed components made of aluminum
      Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs | Stiftung Industrieforschung (Reference number: S 626)
      Funding period: 08/2003 - 082005

    • Mechanism of formation of secondary phases on SrTiO3 surfaces: Influence of doping, oxygen partial pressure and surface preparation
      Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs | DFG (Reference number: Ma 1893/2)
      Funding period: 09/2000 - 12/2004

    • Surface microscopy with metastable noble gas atoms: Growth of DCBA- and p-CPC-layers on silicon substrates
      Dr. G. Lilienkamp, Prof. Dr. W. Maus-Friedrichs, Prof. Dr. V. Kempter | DFG (Reference number: Li 813/1)
      Funding period: 10/1998 - 12/2002

    Measuring methods

    Our department is mainly concerned with the characterisation of solid surfaces and chemical reactions on surfaces. The main methods include various electron spectroscopic methods and scanning probe techniques.
    Some of the methods are explained briefly here.

    For a generally intelligible description of the most important methods of surface chemistry, see here.


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