Dissertations and other theses


Marcel Marschewski


Electron spectroscopical researches on organic surfaces

René Gustus01/2016

Interactions of polymermeltings and ionic liquids with solid body-surfaces

Lienhard Wegewitz04/2015

Plasma-induced modification of self-organizing polystyrene beads via DBD

Christoph Gerhard


Atmospheric pressure plasma assisted laser ablation of optical glasses

Nina Mertens



Characterization of DBD plasma sources with nano- and microsecond excitation for application to biological surfaces

Andreas Helmke12/2013Physical and microbiological studies on therapy potentials and risks for the application of non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasmas to cutaneous surfaces

Sebastian Dahle


Fundamental study on the interactions of silver and wood surfaces
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Peter Großmann06/2012Optimization and characterization of an XUV laboratory X-ray source for time-resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy
Florian Voigts02/2010Interaction of water, carbon dioxide and other gases with surfaces of acceptor doped strontium titanate
Lars Beuermann07/2009Microscopic and spectroscopic studies on SrTiO3 surfaces
Lothar Klarhöfer03/2009Electron spectroscopic studies of functionalized wood and wood components
Stephan Bahr06/2007Interaction of organic molecules with amorphous solid water
Martin Frerichs01/2007Fundamental studies on oxidation and corrosion of aluminum and technical aluminum alloys
Oliver Höfft12/2006Studies of processes at molecular surfaces using methods of surface physics
Anissa Gömann12/2004The behavior of strontium titanate single crystals under high temperature treatment
Andriy Borodin07/2004Study on the interaction of molecules (CsCl, NaCl, benzene derivatives) and atoms (Na) with frozen surfaces (H2O, CH3OH, NH3)
Stefan Krischok11/2001Interaction between TiO2 surfaces and various adsorbate atoms and molecules
Martin Brause10/2000Study on the interaction of metal atoms (Cs, K and Mg) and molecules (O2, CO, CO2) with TiO2 surfaces
Patric Stracke09/2000Electron spectroscopic studies of metal adsorption on metal oxides
Dirk Ochs10/1998Preparation and characterization of insulator films and their interaction with atoms and molecules
Frank Wiegershaus07/1997Electron emission upon collision processes of lighter ions with metal and insulator surfaces
Hansheng Guo12/1996Auger electron spectroscopy of ceramic materials
Harald Müller02/1996Electron exchange processes at the collision of reactive ions and molecules in alkali-covered W(110) surfaces
Jens Günster12/1995Electron spectroscopic studies of insulating layers on W(110), Al(111) and Si(100)
Stefan Dieckhoff10/1995Electron spectroscopic characterization of adhesion of triazine derivatives and cyanate esters on Si surfaces
Horst Brenten06/1992Electron and ion spektroskopic investigation of inelastic processes in the collision of alkali and noble gas atoms on alkali-covered W(110) surfaces
W. Maus-Friedrichs08/1991Characterization of the electronic structure of alkali layers and alkali gas coadsorbate systems on W(110)
Heinrich Schall02/1990Study on the neutralization in excited atomic states upon scattering of alkali ions at pure and covered with adsorbates metal surfaces
Bernhard Menner05/1989Alignment and orientation in charge exchange processes for the systems Li+-He and Li+-Ar measured with a two-dimensional position sensitive detector

Master and diploma theses

Jan-Stefan Peters07/2016Plasma chemical conversion of particle-filled HMDSO-films
Cornelia Kunz10/2015Reference study to the surface desoxidation of stainless steels
Marina Unseld04/2015Application of DBE-plasmas for biogas desulfurisation
John Meuthen09/2014Plasma-assisted preparation of colloid lithography masks
Mark Olschewski04/2012Construction and characterization of an absorption and reflectance spectrometer for the EUV region using a laser-induced plasma
Henning Munkert11/2011Microscopic and spectroscopic studies of thermally joined interfaces of application-relevant metals and organic materials
René Gustus10/2011Electron spectroscopic and microscopic studies on phase separation in amorphous Si1-xCx
Marcel Marschewski09/2011

Spectroscopic studies on thin films of ionic liquids

Evgenij Pachomow

02/2011Deposition of silver on thin films of the ionic liquid 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium bis-trifluoromethylsulfonylamide
Lienhard Wegewitz05/2011Studies on the oxidation behavior of electrodeposited germanium and plasma-treated germanium surfaces
Kai Volgmann10/2010Studies on iron films and their interactions with reactive gases
Sebastian Dahle02/2010Fundamental studies of lime and its components
Karen Kruska08/2008Interactions of metals with SrTiO3 surfaces investigated by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
Mareike Brettholle11/2007Plasma electrochemical preparation of metallic nanoparticles in ionic liquids
Dominik Schwendt10/2007Microscopic and spectroscopic studies of nanoscale SrTiO3 particles
Burkhard Roos10/2007Spectroscopic and microscopic studies of functionalized wood surfaces
Uwe Kahnert07/2006Studies on the interaction of CsF and CsI with solid amorphous water
Fabian Bebensee06/2006Characterization of electrochemically produced nanoscale aluminum
Franz-Xaver Schweiger02/2005Surface characteristics of modern fuel cell cathodes
Lothar Klarhöfer12/2004Electron spectroscopic studies (MIES, UPS (HeI), XPS) of wood and its components
Florian Voigts11/2004Studies on the corrosion of technical aluminum by disinfectants
Stephan Bahr10/2004Study on the interaction of organic acids with amorphous solid water using TPD and electron spectroscopy (MIES/UPS)
Martin Frerichs05/2002Interaction of molecules with Sr and Ba films: Spectroscopic and microscopic studies
Oliver Höfft07/2002Interaction of alkali atoms and CO2 with TiO2(110) surfaces
Björn-Steinar Braun05/1998Oxidation of calcium: Investigation of the electronic and topological structure
Stefan Krischok01/1997Study on kinetic emission at the streaking collision of ions (H+, He+, Ar+) with W(110) and LiF surfaces
Eckhard Rasch04/1995Construction and testing of a simulated hemispherical analyzer (SSC)
Thomas Mayer03/1995Oxidation of Si(100) and adsorption of C60 molecules on silicon: Studies with MIES, UPS, XPS and LEED
Martin Brause03/1995Investigation of alpha-Al2O3 (0001) and the oxidation of Al(111) with MIES, UPS, XPS and LEED
Detlef Gador12/1994Electron emission upon streaking collision (50 eV) of molecules (O2+, CO2+) with pure and alkali-covered surfaces
Rainer Hausmann10/1993Electron emission upon impact of reactive (H+, C+) and molecular ions (H2+, CO+) with absorbate-covered tungsten surfaces
Andreas Hitzke06/1993Oxidation of aluminum layers on W(110)
Stefan Pülm05/1993Studies on the electronic structure of LiF and CsI layers on W(110)
Stefan Dieckhoff07/1991Electron spectroscopic study of the electronic structure of alkali halide layers on W(110) and its changes by electron bombardment
Jens Günster07/1991Design and testing of a TOF spectrometer for the analysis of neutral products of surface scattering
Dieter Kruse02/1991Study on the system H2/Cs-W(110) with Li+-ISS, photon and electron spectroscopy after Li+ bombardment
Harald Müller03/1990Measurement of the yields of ions and electrons upon impact of Li+ on W(110) surfaces
Michael Wehrhahn10/1989Construction and testing of a source for generating metastable helium
Gerd Ohlendorf06/1989Alignment and orientation in charge exchange processes in the scattering of positive alkali ions at neutral noble gas atoms
Karl-Heinz Knorr06/1989Alignment and orientation during charge exchange in the scattering of Li+ ions at a Cs- or Cs/O-covered W(110) surface
Holger Hörmann12/1988Study on the co-adsorption of cesium and oxygen on W(110) with AES, LEED, and TDS
Frank Patorra10/1988Application of a two-dimensional position sensitive detector for the study of collisions between alkali ions and neutral noble gas atoms
Wolfhard Huber02/1987Li excitation at the collision of Li+ ions to an adsorbate-covered W(110) surface

Bachelor theses and student research projects

Kornel Kuźmicki


Setup, testing and balancing of a DBE-reactor for biogas-desulphurization
Cornelia Kunz 10/2013 Investigation of cesium adsorption on gallium nitride surfaces
Daniel Ahlers 10/2012 Electron spectroscopic characterization of plasma-treated cholesterol films
Dennis Müller 08/2012 Electron spectroscopic studies of the oxidation behavior in the Al-Mg system under ultrahigh vacuum conditions
Peter Heinemann 03/2012 Electron spectroscopic studies of plasma-treated Si(100) surfaces
Anselm Hahn 09/2011 XPS studies on the interaction of iron with carbon dioxide
Evgenij PachomoW 05/2010 Construction and commissioning of a barium evaporator
Marcel Marschewski 05/2009

Study of radiation damage to ionic liquid films

Kai Volgmann 05/2009 Study on iron films and their interaction with oxygen
Sebastian Dahle 03/2009 Coating of XPS anodes
Karen Kruska 12/2006 Nanostructures on the SrTiO3(111) surface: A STM study
Burkhard Roos
Dominik Schwendt
03/2006 Extraterrestrial chemistry
Fabian Bebensee 01/2005 Study on the interaction of Ca films with H2O, O2, CO und CO2
Florian Voigts 06/2003 Construction and adaptation of a reaction chamber

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